Carla Macklin

Founder at SwiftRec

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Carla Macklin is vigorously focused on solving problems in senior care.  Founding SwiftRec in 2019, she is helping make communication easier by enabling professional caregivers to find and share helpful products and resources with patients. She also runs Alium Adaptive Apparel, a brand of clothing specifically designed for seniors who have lost some ability to dress themselves.  Carla has been a NCAF investor since 2006 and is involved in several community organizations including the Benjamin Rose Institute of Aging, Horizon Montessori School, and the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. Following her collegiate years at Williams College in Massachusetts and a stint working in San Francisco, she resides back in her hometown Shaker Heights with her husband Craig and daughters Evelyn and Wren.  On weekends you can find her sewing, in the garden, or teaching her girls to rock climb. 


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