Neuros Medical Successfully Completes Interim Analysis of Pivotal Study for Post-Amputation Pain

September 28, 2015

CLEVELAND-Neuros Medical, Inc., a neuromodulation company, announced it has successfully completed a planned interim analysis of its pivotal study. The study is designed to evaluate the Company’s patented Altius® System High Frequency Nerve Block technology for the management of post-amputation pain. As part of the interim analysis, an independent data monitoring committee conducted a statistical probability analysis focused on safety as well as efficacy factors for the first 20 patients enrolled. Based on the results, the committee recommended continuation of the study

See the full article here.


Exacter’s preventative technology is keeping the lights on in the Northeast

September 28, 2015

Exacter is a key component into Unitil’s innovative grid-reliability programs to reduce the number of power outages. An estimated 30% of power outages are cause by equipment failure. With the information provided by Exacter’s predictive detection and analytics software, companies can see weak areas on their power and electric grid and fix problems before they occur. See the full article here.


GeneSite® has helped over 200,000 patients

September 24, 2015

Assurex Health, NCAF I company, has reached 200,000 patients with GeneSight®, which recommends a metal health treatment based on a patients genomic variants. The company has seen impressive results for patients and cost saving for insurance providers. Read the full press release here.


Money starts to flow to StreamLink Software

August 15, 2015

StreamLink Software received a $2 million line of credit from SaaS Capital is in addition to the company’s $5 million equity round. This is a non-traditional source of funding, known as venture debt, which we expect to see more of in the coming years. SaaS Capital is based in Cincinnati, with a portfolio of eight companies to date. Read the full article here.


StreamLink CEO, Adam Roth, featured in the Plain Dealer

July 20, 2015

After spending 10 years as the COO of a nonprofit, StreamLink Software CEO, Adam Roth saw the opportunity to continue making these organizations more efficient from a different approach. In March 2008 Roth reinvented his career by creating StreamLink Software, a tech company aimed to help nonprofits and public sector entities manage operations and get grants – allowing for more transparency within these organization and showing funders and potential funders where the money is allocated. For the full article and video, click here.


OnShift Announces New Five Star Staffing Features

July 14, 2015

NCAF I company, OnShift, just announced the launch of their new Five Star Staffing Guide. This addition to the company’s software suite will improve the customer’s ability to evaluate staffing performance and track employee rating milestones. Read the full article here.


San Diego State University selects DecisionDesk to provide exceptional admissions experience

July 14, 2015

San Diego State University has opted to use DecisionDesk’s enrollment management solution to automate and simplify the application process and create unique, customizable platforms for each of their 100 + graduation programs. Further, the DecisionDesk software will enable SDSU to share applications and better coordinate with their partner institutions.  Read more on why SDSU chose DecisionDesk here.


For Start-Ups, How Many Angels Is Too Many?

July 6, 2015

Interest and participation in angel investing is soaring, or as founder and managing director of Felicis Ventures puts it: “now everybody and their family and their pets who have some money want to get into angel investing.” As a result of the overwhelming enthusiasm by angel investors, increasing numbers of angels are syndicating a single round. What are the consequences of raising capital from twenty investors? Find out by visiting this New York Times article.


Genetic test may help customize antidepressant prescriptions for US vets with PTSD

July 2, 2015

PTSD patients are among the populations most heavily affected by depression. As a means of quickly and efficiently addressing these individuals, Assurex Health is working with a research team based out of the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. The goal of the partnership is to distribute 100 of Assurex’s patented GeneSight test – a cheek swab test that analyzes eight genes simultaneously. The result advises the doctor, which of the FDA-approved drugs to prescribe to the patient and the appropriate dosage. Read more here.


Juventas’ JVS-100 granted Fast-Track status by FDA

June 16, 2015

Fund I portfolio company, Juventas Therapeutics, was recently granted Fast Track status by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The implications of this designation are huge as it will accelerate the development and, ultimately, commercialization of the drug. Fast Track status is intended to sooner make a drug readily available to patients. Click here for access to the full article.