What is angel investing?

Traditional angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest in early-stage ventures. This stage of investment provides entrepreneurs vital capital to take their business to the next level of operations or to a round of VC financing. Recently, angels have organized into professionally organized funds that provide significant benefits to both portfolio companies and the individual angel investors.

What type of ventures does NCAF invest in?

We focus on early-stage ventures with a particular focus on information technology, biosciences, advanced materials, and electronics and controls. We will consider investments in other fields that display compelling value propositions.

Why Doesn’t NCAF invest in other areas?

We are looking for investment opportunities that offer significant growth potential and leverage the core technical resources of our region. Maintaining this targeted investment strategy allows us to more precisely focus our resources and increase returns to our investors.

What type of investment will be made in my company?

Typically we invest through convertible preferred securities, however, other forms of equity or convertible debt will be considered.

How do i apply for funding?

Please review our investment criteria and submit an online application.

Are there presentation standards?

Entrepreneurs invited to present to the Investment Screening Committee will be given a PowerPoint template to structure their presentation.

Is this the right time for angel financing?

Angel Investing represents an important piece of the financing growth cycle between “family and friends” and venture capital. In addition to the capital invested, angel investments have the potential to deliver value in several ways:

  • Our large membership of experienced investors, entrepreneurs and managers brings broad industry and functional expertise that can be leveraged to help with strategic and operational planning.
  • Our vast contact database facilitates networking, sales contacts, future funding rounds, etc.
  • Given that many of our members are or were entrepreneurs, we understand the value of being your “sounding board” as you explore avenues for business growth.

Does NCAF sign NDAs?

No. Due to our large number of members and the broad array of ventures with which they are associated, it is not practical to sign individual Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). However, our membership is bound by a stringent ethics policy mandating that proprietary information provided to NCAF is not shared outside the organization. If/when it becomes necessary to engage outside experts to perform due diligence, information on companies being considered is treated with the utmost discretion.