Juventas Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company with an exclusive license from the Cleveland Clinic to develop therapies for ischemic cardiovascular disease. Through clinical trials, Juventas has developed their lead product, JVS-100, which is a non-viral plasmid that encodes for stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1). SDF-1 has been shown to significantly increase end-organ function following tissue injury by promoting cell survival, recruiting endogenous stem cells to the damaged region, and promoting new blood vessel growth. The SDF-1 repair pathway is well conserved throughout end-organ systems providing the opportunity to impact a broad range of diseases. Target cardiovascular clinical indications address large markets with high unmet medical need and significant market potential.

Additional Investors:
Alpine Capital Management, Blue Chip Venture Company, Early Stage Partners, Fletcher Spaght Ventures, Glengary, Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, JumpStart Ventures, Modelvest, New Science Ventures, Takeda Ventures, Tri-State Growth Fund, Triathlon Medical Venture Partners, Reservoir Venture Partners, Venture Investors