CerviLenz™, Inc., headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio, is a manufacturer and marketer of a patented, FDA-cleared device to predict preterm birth risk in pregnant women by accurately measuring cervical length. Preterm birth (delivery prior to 37 completed weeks of gestation) affects almost 13 percent of pregnancies annually in the United States, equivalent to over 500,000 babies. Preterm birth is not only the leading cause of infant death, but also increases risk of newborn complications and lifelong disabilities. Cervical length is a powerful predictor of preterm birth risk, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health in a study utilizing a specialized ultrasound probe. The Cervilenz device is a simple, low-cost alternative that can be used by healthcare professionals to identify at-risk women who may benefit from progesterone therapy or further consultation by a specialist.

Additional Investors:
Arboretum Ventures, Chrysalis Ventures, JumpStart Ventures