Absorbent Materials

Absorbent Materials (ABS Materials) develops reactive glass products and nanosands for remediation or site-cleanups of volatile organic and related spills, plumes, or gas discharge. Founded in 2008, ABS Materials is creating commercial solutions extending from Dr. Edmiston’s patented work in materials science and chemistry. ABS has completed a series of laboratory tests for a revolutionary class of reactive glass and engineered sands. These silica-based materials are highly stable, hydrophobic, and capable of capturing and recovering a range of hydrocarbons and pervasive solvents including TCEs, Organic Acids, BTEX, and PBEs. The first set of products are now in pilot testing for TCE remediation, BTEX recovery, and water treatment for Oil and Gas production.

Additional investors:
-RKS Ventures, The Cleveland Foundation, Harris & Harris Group, Jumpstart Ventures